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We have been in business since 1982.  We are NOT a credit repair company.  We delete derogatory and delinquent credit histories only! From start to finish it will take us 2-3 weeks and all credit reporting agencies will need to update their databases; which will take 30-45 business days.  We guarantee a minimum fico score of 700 or higher no matter what!, and we put it clearly in writing!! All we ask from our clients is for a little due diligence from you and we do the rest GUARANTEED and your credit history will now be "perfect".  We are your Last Chance to do it right the first time around. To get started today, use our Application Link above or scroll down and contact us to request a Price Quote for your deletions right now!!!

38++ Years Experience and Counting! 

"Our agency is committed to your financial credit success, and we strive to work for our clients no matter who they are, how bad your situation is, or where you are located.  We will work with you on a case by case basis to ensure that you can afford our services.  However, you get what you pay for and we are not "cheap" by far; but we sincerely want your business so we will do whatever necessary to work with you and allow payment arrangements for our clients."

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