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Due to our Frequently Asked Questions are so detailed and very long in explanations to provide it here on the website; we are requesting that each visitor (or potential client) who wants to review our Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, contact us by email. We will send you 60 of our most recently answered "Frequently Asked Questions"  for your immediate review within 24-48 hours or less if not the same day requested.  (Read our Testimonials below).

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"I used this company and they took me to a completely different level. They literally changed my life and gave me a chance to have perfect credit! My scores stay at 800+!!"

Benny Fitz
(Client since 1990)

Director, High Five Marketing

"Had a terrible divorce and the worst credit history imaginable because of it! I found this company 12-1/2 years ago and I never left them! This company is Highly recommended!"

Tessa Corbin
(Client since 1998)

Executive Asst., Cookie Grabbers, Inc.

"Due to constantly financing my business and using my personal credit history I destroyed it at least 4 times or more and this company fixed me each and every time! Love them!"

Hugh Canduit
(Client since 2010)

Chef, Canduit Bakeries